The Company

Since 1989, Bultech Precision has been manufacturing mechanical parts and sub-assemblies using a variety of materials: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, titanium, and copper alloys. We can accommodate small, medium and large batches. Boasting a new, modern, and efficient production facility, Bultech embodies the notion of "high-tech machined parts".

What We Offer

Our facility is equipped with the newest generation of CNC machines that enable us to manufacture your mechanical parts with precision at very competitive prices. Whether for turning, milling, or grinding, we have the manufacturing equipment necessary to meet your needs. Our assembly shop complements our manufacturing team by supplying you with sub-assemblies, thus simplifying your product management and supply chain.


We are also able to provide engineering support from your product's inception, allowing your product to be manufactured as economically as possible while meeting all of your other requirements. Our experienced staff use CAD-CAM tools to optimize the manufacture of your parts.


KISS (Keep It Short and Simple): Bultech offers a wide range of logistics concepts to streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and expedite production.

Quality Assurance

Our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996. Our air-conditioned metrological laboratory is equipped with the latest monitoring devices, ensuring that our products always meet your requirements.


We are proud to offer continuous training opportunities for 4 poly-mechanical apprentices, and we provide comprehensive training in our workshop, which is equipped with both traditional and CNC machines.

The Advantages

Providing a comprehensive solution in terms of engineering, production resources, logistics concepts, and superior quality control, Bultech Precision can reliably meet all of your mechanical manufacturing and sub-assembly needs.